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After encountering many problems with laptop hardware and software we decided to try and set a standard throughout the industry, we have ourselves in our personal lives encountered many repairs shops, companies, individuals who claim they can provide a repair service or can fix problems that are generally considered beyond economical repair, instead they build up a large bill and at best repair the laptop to a very low standard thus leaving the customer out of pocket and in some instances worse off than before.

Here at the Laptop Repair Clinic, we aim to overcome that stigma associated with the industry. We have trained professionals with industry experience as well as academic experience. Having this background helps significantly in achieving that high standard that we have set ourselves. We always like to ensure our customers leave happy and content and feel that the next time they have a laptop problem they can rely on the Laptop Repair Clinic.

We use precision tools and equipment to ensure that the intricate job of repairing a sophisticated machine such as a laptop is carried out to the highest degree!

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